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Technical advantages of glass floor

Technical advantages of glass floor
The glass floor is extremely resistant to abrasion and impact, insensitive to temperature changes.

As a rule, triplex thickness from 16 to 40 mm - interconnected glass panels, inside which the film is laid, are used as materials for the device of glass floors. Thanks to this film, even in case of glass damage, it will not hurt anyone.
The fact that recently glass has been used even for the construction of bridges can also indicate the strength of glass floors.

And the glass floor of the Heavenly Path suspension bridge over the Grand Canyon is generally equated to one of the wonders of the world. Just imagine: at a height of 1200 m there is a glass bridge, a curved horseshoe.

The glass floor is mounted on a strong supporting frame. It is he who carries the main load if the glass floor has a large area. The floors in the
Technical advantages of glass floor
Technical advantages of glass floor
two parts look very beautiful, between which there is an illuminated landscape.

This technique is used not only in public institutions, clubs and shopping and entertainment facilities but also in elite residential buildings. For example when laying floors in pools, bathrooms.

The drawings applied outside on the glass surface also adorn the glass floor and the photos are presented in the section of our site.

Sandblasting glass has an advantage in the case of glass floors because:

glass floor ceases to slide;
if floor lighting is used, the sandblasted glass acquires a soft, diffused glow, which is very beautiful;
Paints and drawings applied to such glass do not lose their attractiveness in the process of prolonged use of the floor.
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