Sunday, June 2, 2019

Installation of glass doors

Installation of glass doors
Installation of glass doors
You can install them yourself. But only professionals can guarantee the safety of using the structure, taking into account such factors as weight, opening method, door thickness, and other nuances.

Often, prior to installation, it is necessary to reinforce an existing door frame. Intervention in the finished door leaf is unacceptable because it can lead to its destruction. That is why our specialists will either give recommendations or perform the necessary preparatory work themselves.

If you choose glass doors from the catalog, we will help you to fit them into the existing interior so organically that you will very soon forget that you didn’t have these doors before.
A few more factors affecting the cost of the door - its size and weight. It is clear that the more these indicators, the more expensive the glass doors. It makes its own contribution to the total cost of the door unit and fittings - a considerable weight of the structure requires high-quality fittings and reliable fastenings.
As for the material, triplex is somewhat more expensive than tempered glass but made of one or another material, such doors look equally attractive - it all depends on the design.

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