Sunday, June 30, 2019

Automatic sliding doors

Automatic sliding doors Geze 
Automatic doors will open and close themselves when visitors approach them, which will make the building more modern and functional.
Automatic sliding doors
Automatic sliding doors 
Automatic glass door with fittings manufactured by GEZE (Germany), thanks to which glass acquired incredible strength with a relatively small thickness of the product, becoming absolutely safe, incredibly durable and stylish.
Used Pilkington 8 mm glass, hardened in the furnace
Polished hem around the perimeter of the glass door
The ability to paint glass in any color on the RAL palette
Possibility of art glass processing sandblasting
Opening width - 1700 mm, will save space
Lock with push handle, with the possibility of locking
Complete with anodized aluminum fittings
It is completed with a rubber sealant around the perimeter.
A set of hardware and consumables for installation
Provides full tech. installation documentation (incl. drawings)
The kit includes a glass care product.
Location: 199 Avenue T, Brooklyn, NY 11223, США