Gradient glass nyc


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Gradient glass nyc is safety laminated architectural glass with color gradient effect. we can custom laminated gradient glass in variety of colors and sizes. 

Gradient glass (color changing glass) is an interesting new decorative glass but it is rapidly accepted by modern building designs. 

At Giovani Glass we have two ways to produce this gradient glass. 
-Gradient film or silk screen printing on glass.

-Gradient film. 

It is a film printed with many many round dots, big dots to small dots. To see it far away from, it give a vision of gradient glass. The disadvantage is the film is not durable, maybe scratched and color fading under sunlight.

Silk screen printed glass 
Silk screen printed gradient glass is the similar way. Print round dots on glass, big and small dots. The color is forever, and the printed gradient glass is durable. 
Gradient glass can be single pane or laminated glass. Popular colors are white, yellow, blue, green 


- glass balustrade 
- glass partition 
- glass wall 
- glass balcony 
- glass screen 
- glass furniture