Sunday, September 1, 2019

Glass bookcase

Glass bookcase 
A delightful glass shelf on wheels will allow you to put a huge number of books or any other things of suitable size on it.

Pilkington glass 8 mm transparent MO, with polished edges around the perimeter; safe - hardened.
Glass bookcase
Glass bookcase  
Glass bookcase
Glass bookcase 

Set of hardware and supplies for installation.
Installation manual with drawings of units.
Glass and furniture care products
Resizing (up to 250x1000mm).
Changing the color of accessories - powder painting in any color according to the RAL palette, or lamination under a tree.
Change in the type of glass (tinted in bulk, sandblasted, frosted).
Width of construction (B): 2400 mm
Construction Length (H): 400 mm
Construction height (H): 1380 mm
Location: Нью-Йорк, США