Sunday, June 30, 2019

Shower glass door

Shower glass door 
Spectacular and stylish, decorated with a
a sandblasted pattern of vertical stripes and lines, single-glass shower door with a deaf part in combination with stainless steel fittings and full sealing around the perimeter. Using shower fittings with fixation of the sash in the closed and open position creates additional ease of use.


Glass Pilkington 8 mm transparent MO, with polished edges around the perimeter; safe - quenched.
Art glass processing sandblasting.
Shower glass door
Shower glass door 
Accessories manufactured by HaiDeli (China), polished stainless steel.
A set of sealing profiles for sealing.
A set of hardware and consumables for installation.
Installation Guide with drawings of nodes.
Care products for glass and accessories
Additional modifications:

Resizing for your opening (up to 850x2400 mm).
Changing the color of accessories - powder painting in any color on the RAL palette, or lamination under the tree.
Change the type of glass (tinted in the mass, sandblasted drawing, frosted).
Dimensions of construction:

Width (B): 750 mm
Height (H): 2100 mm
Location: 199 Avenue T, Brooklyn, NY 11223, США